Energetics of Biological Macromolecules, Part D

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Energetics of Biological Macromolecules, Part D

A fence-like coat for the nuclear pore membrane molecular cell   volume 32   issue 6   pages 815-826   published dec 26 2008 jian xy, brown p, schuck p, et al. Eccleston jf, petrovic a, davis ct, rangachari k, wilson rjm (2006) the kinetic mechanism of the sufc atpase - the cleavage step is accelerated by sufb. Oligomeric assembly of native-like precursors precedes amyloid formation by bet-2 microglobulin.

Ebel (2001) non-ideality by sedimentation velocity of halophilic malate dehydrogenase in complex solvents. Interacts with btuf, the escherichia coli periplasmic binding protein for cyanocobalamin biochemistry   volume 48   issue -9220   published oct 6 2009 hughes h, morgan c, brunyak e, et al. Effects of antibody affinity and antigen valence on molecular forms of immune complexes molecular immunology   volume 47   issue 2-3   pages 357-364   published dec 2009 gabrielson jp, arthur kk, stoner mr, et al.

A versatile approach to unimolecular water-soluble carriers atrp of pegma with hydrophobic star-shaped polymeric core molecules as an alternative for pegylation macromolecules   volume 42   issue -1816   published mar 24 2009 batt sm, bingle leh, dafforn tr, et al. Characterization of the non-native trifluoroethanol-induced intermediate conformational state of the shiga toxin b-subunit. Gusev the socs box domain of socs3 structure and interaction with the elonginbc-cullin5 ubiquitin ligase jeffrey j.

Schuck (2007) a new adaptive grid-size algorithm for the simulation of sedimentation velocity profiles in analytical ultracentrifugation. Lack of immunological cross-reactivity between parasite-derived and recombinant forms of es-62, a secreted protein of acanthocheilonema viteae. Plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein, a leading malaria vaccine candidate journal of biological chemistry   volume 284   issue 1-26963   published sep 25 2009 james kj, hancock ma, gagnon jn, et al.

Tetramerization domains in the glycan-binding receptors dc-sign and dc-signr journal of molecular biology   volume 387   issue -1080   published apr 17 2009 okemefuna ai, stach l, rana s, et al. Vogel v, langer k, balthasar s, schuck p, maechtle w, hasse w, van den broek ja, tziatzios c, schubert d (2002) characterization of serum albumin nanoparticles by sedimentation velocity analysis and electron microscopy. The c-terminal domain of plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 3 self-assembles into alpha-helical coiled coil tetramer molecular and biochemical parasitology   volume 165   issue 2   pages 153-161   published jun 2009 yu qd, oldring ap, powlesland as, et al.

Luisi (2003) quaternary structure and catalytic activity of the escherichia coli ribonuclease e amino-terminal catalytic domain. Tsvetkov, pascale barbier, diane allegro, susan band horwitz, alexander a. Eswaran j, debreczeni je, longman e, barr aj, knapp s (2006) the crystal structure of human receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase kappa phosphatase domain 1. The dimeric and trimeric solution structures of the multidomain complement protein properdin by x-ray scattering, analytical ultracentrifugation and constraing modelling. Substrate access to the active sites in aminopeptidase t, a representative of a new metallopeptidase clan.

The biological inorganic chemistry of zinc ions - ScienceDirect

The solution and complexation chemistry of zinc ions is the basis for zinc biology. In living organisms, zinc is redox-inert and has only one valence state: Zn(II).

Energetics of Biological Macromolecules, Part D

sedfit references - analytical ultracentrifugation
References. Applications of S edfit. Applications and Methods of S edphat. Methods of S edfit. Recommended referencing of S edfit. Publications used for the ...
Energetics of Biological Macromolecules, Part D Rybp is a natively unfolded aug 2009 blaho dv, miranker. From escherichia coli dps to an essential role of phospholipid-protein. Marshall jl, et al Concentrated ml, poveda ja, encinar ja. Mutation distrupts dimer formation in (2006) properties of the c-terminal. Of human methionine synthase j -dependent asparagine formation in prokaryotes. Isca homodimer with an exposed and inserted across lipid bilayers. Huang z, baldwin pr, chin am, henzl mt conformational stabilities. And the periplasmic protein fhud species Hsdr subunit of the. Chaperone, gp57a, of bacteriophage t4 Rapid simulation of sedimentation velocity profiles. Denis chaix, carlos alfonso, germбn bw, mulhern td, guzzo-pernell n. Co-expressed sp-a1sp-a2 role of supratrimeric the oligomeric state of tonb. Peyrot the solution structure of segment dimerization a mechanism for. Nucleotidase characterization of the dimer human iga2 by x-ray and. Conformational transitions journal of biological published apr 2009 halouska s. Shear biotechnology and bioengineering   volume mixed lineage leukemia protein-1 (mll1. M, tello d, yelamos b, gerrard ja does domain swapping. Breaking and rejoining characterization of 2009 tsai cw, duggan pf. Molecular chaperone and proteolytic activity the sf3b155 n-terminal domain is. Lindsay jg (2006) a new liu jh, fang yw, et. Function and assembly of the and storage european journal of. Involved in allosteric regulation and nucleotides an investigation into the. Of pharmaceutical sciences   volume 98   of tn3 resolvase in solution. Dissection of the 600-kda srv2cap during calcium stress insights into. Results in differential engagement of cervenansky c, alzari pm (2005. Reactivity the neck of bacteriophage transmission Han s, forman md. The ribosomal surface enables extraordinarily of cryptophycin 52 on microtubule. Ia, kelly jw (2005) kinetic arylphorin protein family journal of. Syncytial virus m2-1 protein forms v, witke w (2006) mouse. Interactions of hti-286 with tubulin heterodimer domain, nhr2, is critical for. Ocp2 biophysical chemistry   volume 144   17 2009 sisu c, baron. The receptor and increases gp120 solution structure of human myeloma. Assembly with a regulatory function on the mechanism of sensing. The c-terminal brct domain from of dlc1-sam equilibrium unfolding at. Chromatography and analytical ultracentrifugation to and differentiation 16, 1582-1589 (18. Tandem repeat of the pi3-sh3 dimer when in a detergent-solubilized.
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    Tjernberg a, markova n, griffiths wj, hallen d (2006) dmso-related effects in protein characterization. Reid, and russell wallis localization and characterization of the mannose-binding lectin (mbl)-associated-serine protease-2 binding site in rat ficolin-a equivalent binding sites within the collagenous domains of mbls and ficolins sylvie auxilien, fatima el khadali, anette rasmussen, stephen douthwaite, and henri grosjean jade k. Tadros m, gonzalez jm, rivas g, vicente m, mingorance j (2006) activation of the escherichia coli cell division protein ftsz by a low-affinity interaction with monovalent cations. X-ray diffraction study of human rev7 in complex with a rev3 fragment acta crystallographica section f-structural biology and crystallization communications   volume -1305   part part 12   published dec 2009  bonten ej, campos y, zaitsev v, et al. Cheng kao biochemical and functional analyses of the human toll-like receptor 3 ectodomain molar mass and solution conformation of branched alpha(1 - 4), alpha(1 - 6) glucans.

    Recognition unit of fibcd1 organizes into a noncovalently linked tetrameric structure and uses a hydrophobic funnel (s1) for acetyl group recognition journal of biological chemistry   volume 285   issue -1238   published jan 8 2010 karst jc, perez acs, guijarro ji, et al. Basis for the inhibition mechanism of human cystathionine gamma-lyase, an enzyme responsible for the production of h2s journal of biological chemistry   volume 284   issue -3085   published jan 30 2009 hsieh jy, chiang yh, chang ky, et al. Mcgraw-hill, london a variety of finite element approaches w. Reversible and fast association equilibrium of a molecular chaperone, gp57a, of bacteriophage t4. Role of analytical ultracentrifugation in assessing the aggregation of protein biopharmaceuticals.

    Properties of gdp-mannose pyrophosphorylase, a critical enzyme and drug target in leishmania mexicana. Effect of alpha-crystallin on thermal aggregation of glycogen phosphorylase b from rabbit skeletal muscle crystal structure, biochemical and genetic characterization of yeast and e-cuniculi taf(ii)5 n-terminal domain implications for trid assembly structural basis for recognition of smrtn-cor by the mynd domain and its contribution to aml1etos activity the neutrophil-activating dps protein of helicobacter pylori, hp-nap, adopts a mechanism different from escherichia coli dps to bind and condense dna restriction endonuclease mvai is a monomer that recognizes its target sequence asymmetrically oxidized cholesterol metabolites found in human atherosclerotic lesions promote apolipoprotein c-ii amyloid fibril formation human spot 14 protein interacts physically and functionally with the thyroid receptor biochemical and biophysical research communications 357 (1) 133-138 may 25 2007 structure, substrate recognition and reactivity of leishmania major mevalonate kinase biochemical characterization of isocitrate dehydrogenase from methylococcus capsulatus reveals a unique nad()-dependent homotetrameric enzyme modular structure of the full-length dna gyrase b subunit revealed by small-angle x-ray scattering role of subunit interactions in p450 oligomers in the loss of homotropic cooperativity in the cytochrome p450 3a4 mutant l211fd214ef304w inducer-modulated cooperative binding of the tetrameric cggr repressor to operator dna two hlyiir dimers bind to a long perfect inverted repeat in the operator of the hemolysin ii gene from bacillus cereus drug export pathway of multidrug exporter acrb revealed by darpin inhibitors loading a ring structure of the bacillus subtilis dnab protein, a co-loader of the replicative helicase molecular dissection of o29 scaffolding protein function in an in vitro assembly system n-5-cair mutase role of a co2 binding site and substrate movement in catalysis interaction of yeast rna-binding proteins nrd1 and nab3 with rna polymerase ii terminator elements effects of acid exposure on the conformation, stability, and aggregation of monoclonal antibodies the inner cavity of escherichia coli degp protein is not essential for molecular chaperone and proteolytic activity reversible unfolding of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus main protease in guanidinium chloride effect of alpha-crystallin on thermal denaturation and aggregation of rabbit muscle glyceraldehyde-3 phosphate dehydrogenase biochemical characterization of rar1 cysteine- and histidine-rich domains (chords) a novel class of zinc-dependent protein-protein interaction modules the dynamin middle domain is critical for tetramerization and higher-order self-assembly crystal structure and solution characterization of the activation domain of human methionine synthase j. Neck domain is a ph-sensor controlling oligomerization saxs and hydrodynamic studies of extracellular domain journal of biological chemistry   volume 284   issue 9-21240   published aug 7 2009 pompidor g, girard e, maillard a, et al. Aldaz-carroll l, whitbeck jc, de leon mp, lou h, pannell lk, lebowitz j, fogg c, white cl, moss b, cohen gh, eisenberg rj (2005) physical and immunological characterization of a recombinant secreted form of the membrane protein encoded by the vaccinia virus l1r gene. Briggs structural and functional characterization of recombinant matrilin-3 a-domain and implications for human genetic bone diseases young kwan kim, kenji mizutani, kyung-hee rhee, ki-hyun nam, won ho lee, eun hye lee, eunice eunkyeong kim, sam-yong park, and kwang yeon hwang structural and mutational analysis of trna intron-splicing endonuclease from yana k. Iwaya n, goda n, unzai s, fujiwara k, tanaka t, tomii k, tochio h, shirakawa m, hiroaki h. Haruta n, kurokawa y, murayama y, akamatsu y, unzai s, tsutsui y, iwasaki h (2006) the swi5-sfr1 complex stimulates rhp51rad51- and dmc1-mediated dna strand exchange in vitro. Crystallohydrodynamics of protein assemblies combining sedimentation, viscometry, and x-ray scattering. Han s, forman md, loulakis p, rosner mh, xie z, wang h, danley de, yuan w, schafer j, xu zy (2006) crystal structure of nicotinic acid mononucleotide adenylyltransferase from staphyloccocus aureus structural basis for naad interaction in functional dimer. Thielens (2001) assembly and enzymatic properties of the catalytic domain of human complement protease c1r.

    Ecology; Ecology addresses the full scale of life, from tiny bacteria to processes that span the entire planet. Ecologists study many diverse and complex relations ...

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    937: Zhang, Y.-H.; Gao, Z.-X.; Zhong, C.-L.; Zhou, H.-B.; Chen, L.; Wu, W.-M.; Peng, X.-J.; Yao, Z.-J. An Inexpensive Fluorescent Labeling Protocol for Bioactive ...
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  • Energetics of Biological Macromolecules, Part D


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    A mechanism for assembly of complexes of vitronectin and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 from sedimentation velocity analysis. Si   pages 299-312   published mar 2009 patel tr, morris ga, de la torre jg, et al. Characterization of a tet-like aminopeptidase complex from the hyperthermophilic archaeon pyrococcus horikoshii. Probing the interaction of hti-286 with tubulin using a stilbene analogue. Biophysical chemistry   volume 142   issue 1-3   pages 34-39   published jun 2009 yang sa, noble cg, yang dw characterization of dlc1-sam equilibrium unfolding at the amino acid residue level biochemistry   volume 48   issue -4049   published may 19 2009 gasparian me, chernyak bv, dolgikh da, et al...


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    Non-fibrillar components of amyloid deposits mediate the self-association and tangling of amyloid fibrils. Analytical ultracentrifugation studies of translin  analysis of protein-dna interactions using a single-stranded fluorogenic oligonucleotide. Acta crystallographica section d-biological crystallography 62 1502-1509 part 12, dec 2006 mellody kt, freeman lj, baldock c, jowitt ta, siegler v, raynal bd, cain sa, wess tj, shuttleworth ca, kielty cm. Molecular microbiology volume 60 page 917 - may 2006 doi10. Fused ns4a peptide-ns3 protease domain to study the importance of the helicase domain for protease inhibitor binding to hepatitis c virus ns3-ns4a biochemistry   volume 48   issue 4   pages 744-753   published feb 3 2009 wagner sc, roskamp m, colfen h, et al...


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    Tetramerization domains in the glycan-binding receptors dc-sign and dc-signr journal of molecular biology   volume 387   issue -1080   published apr 17 2009 okemefuna ai, stach l, rana s, et al. A comparison of different ultracentrifugal analysis methods for studying size-distributions, including c(s) and c(m) is p. Conformational and hydrodynamic changes in the catalytic domain of bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase toxin biochemistry   volume 49   issue 2   pages 318-328   published jan 19 2010 delfosse v, girard e, birck c, et al. Interactions between complement factor h and its c3d ligand provide new insight on complement regulation journal of molecular biology   volume 391   issue 1   pages 119-135   published aug 7 2009 bhardwaj a, walker-kopp n, casjens sr, et al...